If you are looking for the ideal location for the wedding, «AT HERBAL HOTEL» is the perfect venue for once-in-a-lifetime celebration for the bride and groom.

«AT HERBAL HOTEL» can help craft a special atmosphere

that is tailor-made to the dreams of intending spouses - ensuring that the wedding honours couple's family, friends and the story of love that they are creating. And Herbal Suite will help newlyweds to immerse into romantic atmosphere - the world of love and care with private big terrace and private jacuzzi.

As inside as well as alongside «AT HERBAL HOTEL» there amazing venues for the wedding ceremony, providing space for the guests to celebrate their special day in an exquisite setting. All places are dazzling beautiful, and suitable for both the traditional tastes or a more modern aesthetic. From small, intimate wedding ceremonies through to sit-down reception celebrations - «AT HERBAL HOTEL» can cater for all the needs and dreams for special day.

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