Protaras is just a 10-minutes walking from At Herbal Hotel.

Protaras is a purpose-built resort on the southeastern coast of Cyprus.

The reason it’s here is the sandy patchwork of beaches that blankets the rugged coastline – which is a real draw in itself for the scenic walks. It’s a fairly compact place, so you’ll find the lively bars and restaurants right on the main street.

And when you want to really let your hair down, the clubs and bars of Ayia Napa are just a 10-minute taxi ride away.


Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach is just a few minutes walk from At Herbal Hotel.

is quite large - its length is about 500 m, and even in high season it is not too crowded.

Few tourists know about this corner of paradise.

But if you happen to visit the beach "Sunrise", you will make sure that it is really good as for a family holiday with children, and for the rest of a cheerful youth company.


Marlita Beach

Sandy Marlita Beach is just one step from At Herbal Hotel.

Marlita Beach is located at Marlita Bay in Pernera in the resort area of Protaras.

It has azure waters and golden sand.